The Amazing Adventures of Railway Bob (2022)

By John and Patricia Wilson

Published December, 2022

A celebration of the story of Bob, the railway dog.

$35.00 Plus $8.00 postage

A celebration of Bob the Railway Dog

Price is $35 Plus $8.00 postage.

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The book is softcover, A4 format, extensively illustrated with many images in colour. It includes maps and diagrams. 106 pages.

We describe it as a “children's book for grown-ups”. Alternatively, it may be considered as a gift for the person who has everything – but make sure you allow enough time to read it yourself before wrapping it.
Retail availability at The National Railway Museum at Port Adelaide, RRP is $35.

Release of Feature Video - A Tribute to Bob The Railway Dog

The feature video of A Tribute to Bob The Railway Dog was launched on YouTube on Sunday 11 December 2022.
Watch the Video Here

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Pages for Download

The Celebration of a Story

One Page.

Contents and Synopsis

There are 13 chapters in the book and there is a paragraph given to each. There is also an appendix of assorted items. Two pages. The third page explains the next book to be published by Sarlines Railway Books.


Ferry’s Wild Ride. Seth Ferry is the railway guard, based at Petersburg, who rescues Bob from the consignment of ‘homeless hectors’ consigned to Carrieton. Five pages.

Chapter Six

The Yankee Amok. Bob is aboard an asthmatic old J class engine that runs out of puff when leaving Hamley Bridge. The crew have to halve the train and put detonators on the track. In the process, Wally the guard dislocates his shoulder. Bob cannot resist being aboard a Yankee engine and at Islington he spies a Yankee. But the Yankee has a faulty steam regulator and goes on a rampage that ends with the demolition of the paint shop. Five pages.

Chapter Twelve

Going Home. Bob has been lost in Victoria and New South Wales. He gets to Bourke where the river level is rapidly falling. The last boat out of Bourke is the Gorgon. At Louth the water level is the lowest and the Gorgon is stuck. But Captain Gus was once told by an old riverboat skipper who was in a similar plight. At Wentworth, Bob comes face to face with a killer fighting dog. But Bob is clever dog and is soon aboard a jinker on its way to Broken Hill. Captain Gus tells him about the cats in Broken Hill. Eight pages.

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