For practical purposes the initial print run is sold out. We are planning a reprint but expect that it will be about September before we are able to supply into retail outlets. We are holding some stock that is available where there is a genuine requirement for immediate supply, such as researchers, libraries, book reviewers. We also have some 2-packs available for $120 plus $20 postage (if applicable) of one Break- of- Gauge and one copy of either the Overland or the Train to Oodna Woop Woop. Otherwise please advise your interest in the contact page and we will notify you when the reprint is available. We expect the price of the reprint to be unchanged at $84 but we have increased the packaging and postage to $20 which is consistent with present charges.

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Special Offer

When we  took orders for the pre-publication offer we did a special deal of one copy of THE BREAK-OF-GAUGE and one copy of either THE OVERLAND  – A SOCIAL HISTORY  or THE TRAIN TO  OODNA WOOP WOOP –  A SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE AFGHAN EXPRESS (THE GHAN). This deal took advantage of the postal rates where two books would travel for the price of one.

We still have a few  of these mixed packages. The price is $120 for the two books and postage is $20. (The full retail prices of these books are $84 for  the BREAK OF GAUGE and $78 each of the other two books). To proceed with this offer, please respond on our contact page with address and phone number and we will respond with bank details.

Positive reviews are in!

I have had a deeply moving letter from Judy Brewer (Fischer) on behalf of Tim’s family. I asked permission to include it on this page, to which Judy replied: I would prefer not to have it reproduced as they were words meant just for you from the heart, if that’s okay. Agreed!

There are very few chapters where Des Smith, former Chief Civil Engineer of Australian National Railways does not get a look in and I had fed him the chapters as I completed them:

Des Smith
I have had the opportunity to preview of most of the individual chapters one by one. I took the book away on our 2 week houseboat trip and read through every word. Have put it aside and will do it again later. My immediate impression was how well it all came together as a coherent and interesting (if lamentable) story. There must be many who would want to have it, but I don’t know how to find them. For a start, it should be compulsory reading for all with political aspirations and educators in any transport subject.

M T. (A former locomotive inspector of Regional NSW)
I have just finished your Break-of-Gauge book and found it fascinating, it must have been interesting doing the research for the book, it just shows how useless and short sighted politicians have been…. Anyway thanks for such a great book.

Nick Anchen   Ferntree Gully Vic
This extensive and detailed publication examines one of the most convoluted and embarrassing chapters in Australia’s history-namely  the great railway gauge shambles The American author Mark Twain famously declared in 1890 upon changing trains at Albury  in the  wee hour: think of the paralysis of in intellect that gave that  idea  birth. Indeed a truly fascinating read.

Professor Geoffrey Blainey Melbourne Vic
John Hearsch of the Rail Futures Institute in Melbourne had referred me to The Royal Historical Society of Victoria which had kindly passed on a copy of the book to Professor Blainey, who is now in his 90s. I am proud to admit that my approach to history has been influenced by Blainey’s style, such as The Tyranny of Distance, The Rush That Never Ended, The Rise of Broken Hill. His letter is short but to the point. Congratulations on your eye-opening book. I am reading it with keen interest You have acquired so much knowledge on your theme. Best wishes, Geoffrey Blainey.

C H Adelaide CBD
What a Triumph! Dear John. I must tell you that I think ‘Break of Gauge’ is magnificent! It is of course an admirably in-depth exposition of matters narrow-gauge and the SAR, but it is also the pizzazz factor that makes it such a pleasant read — you have lifted the story from that of a typical railway history to a lively “fireside chat”, with all your side observations and other techniques by which you convey such a sense of fun. And your long experience of railway matters really shows.

B.S. Balwyn  Vic
A comic and tragic tale of the appalling government stupidity exposed for all to see. Brilliant work John!

T. V. Adelaide Metro
A great read. Should be compulsory reading for all politicians as it explains how poor political decisions have resulted from following advice of highly-paid self-proclaimed experts, often with their own personal agenda…have provided short term savings but had long term social and
economic costs.

 I. J. Strathalbyn SA
I have found your books easy to read and understand, as there is a good balance between sufficient content to get the message across without labouring the point. And I like your wordsmith style of using common words tinged with some mild good Aussie idioms and slang. Obviously, you do a lot of research on the history and there never seems to be any gaps in a story or the reader is left hanging because something is missing. Your books are always a delight to read and I always look forward to them.


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