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Bob’s Railway

By John Wilson

Published May, 2019

"Bob's Railway, released May 2019, is a serious history of the travels of "Bob" the railway dog. Bob rode the trains in South Australia, and into Victoria and New South Wales from 1884 to 1895. The book deals with more than "Bob". It was the era of political instability in South Australia and in consequence, the colony's Railway Department was dysfunctional."

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Short Synopsis

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A history of Bob, the railway dog, who lived from about 1883 to 1895, and rode all over South Australia and into Victoria and New South Wales. It is more than just Bob. It is also about South Australia and its dysfunctional Railways Department in the 1880s and 1890s. It was not possible to do justice to the Bob story without dipping into the politics of the era. "Red necktie Joe" was the Chairman of the Board of Railway Commissioners who escaped to Melbourne with his family for a month while Attorney-General C. C. Kingston was in a deranged mental state wielding a pistol in Victoria Square. Kingston was subsequently Premier. His mental condition can be precisely matched to the current diagnostic criteria of the American Psychiatric Association.

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