This does not obligate you to make a purchase, but it gives us the opportunity to contact you by multiple means (post, e-mail, and phone). It is expected that the book will printed and ready to send out in the last week of November, but there is still a lot of work to be done and it may be later. We do not wish to be accepting payment until we are quite sure.
We are expecting to open for orders and payment mid-September and close the order book late October.
The printing and hard-cover binding are done by small establishments that work in quantities of hundreds rather than thousands and we are expecting the initial print run will be about 300 or 400. Our aim is to get these out to customers before Christmas. We are anticipating a reprint early in 2024.

ONE BOOK $84 plus postage $15 if applicable.

Two books will travel for the same postage as one. So, find someone to buddy with. And we will drop the price to $65 . That becomes $72.50 for each posted.

CARTON DEAL 7 books in a carton $390
Includes postage. Some customers like to have the book signed – I don’t know why – my writing is so bad that sometimes even I can’t read it – but we will not be able to offer that with this deal because the package will be as the books come from the printer.

We will sharpen the pencil and phone you to do a better price but we have pruned the price hard to get the carton price. We can only move a little.

For members of NRM, PRRPS, SteamRanger, The Riesling Trail and Friends of the Burra Railway Station. Books will be dispatched to these organisations as a bulk consignment. Members will collect.

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